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Reldni Productions

Welcome to the Reldni Productions Restoration Project, which aims to preserve the entertainment created by Reldni for the future. We consist of Reldni fans who wish to preserve Reldni's creations for future generations using detective work and digital archeology, but are not related to Reldni Productions or their past employees.

This website is still under construction, but we have some nifty things here.

What is Reldni Productions?

Reldni was a company that produced unusual entertainment from 1985 to 2000, when it suddenly ceased operations under mysterious circumstances. Reldni was perhaps most famous for its Vinnie's Tomb series of computer games, but they also produced many other games, as well as several music albums, fiction, and other media.

Reldni Wiki

The Reldni Wiki — A wiki cataloguing all things Reldni made, the history of Reldni Productions, album track listings and lyrics, game walkthroughs, and much more! Anyone can edit and help out.

Vinnie's Tomb

Chapter One

Play Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One — Mike Welsh has done a great job porting Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One to HTML5, so it can be played directly in your browser!

Download Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One (version 2.0) — Install and run Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One on your Windows computer. Also works in Wine.

Download Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One BETA 5.0 — The first release of the game (requires Internet Explorer, and does not have the pass code feature)

Chapter Two

Play Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two — An HTML5 port of Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two is underway!

Download Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two — Install and run Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two on your Windows computer. Works OK in Wine.


Download some of Reldni Productions's original music.

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